• P145-146 - Liberty Crack now features a free variation sport pitch to the right of the bolt ladder on P2. This free version has 4 protection bolts and a new high belay bolt to supplement the old existing bolt. P1 of Liberty Crack is snow-dependent ~45m long, but the first 10-15m can be scrambled in coming from the left to the top of the pyramid feature. 
  • P172 - Cascades Rock has a typo - P8 should say .10b not .11b - the topo on Page 173 has it correct where it says ".10 steep hands".
  • P5 - The photo of the Gunsight peaks was taken by Eric Thompson, not J. Scurlock
  • P9 - As of 4/16 the USFS has extended the Enchantments permit season to begin 5/15, not 6/15. Overnight permit season still ends 10/15.
Free bonus topos and images: Davis Holland to Lovin' Arms (Index Upper Town Wall) and Serpentine Crack (Liberty Bell):



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